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Mosman Netball Club

Grading & Player Development

Grading is compulsory for all Junior players participating in the winter competition.

In forming teams, Mosman Netball Club’s Grading committee take into consideration:

  • Individual play observed at practical grading
  • Player fitness and agility
  • Ball skills
  • Balance/coordination
  • Teamwork
  • Attitude
  • Physical attributes relative to positional and team requirements, against skill sets
  • Coaching reports (PAS reports are prepared by all Coaches at the end of every season and are used in the following seasons team formation)
  • Previous season’s final result for the team.
  • Achieving a balance of defence, centre court and shooting players.
  • Note: Grading is influenced by the number and ages of players registered with Mosman Netball Club (MNC/the Club) and strict requirements set by NSNA.

3 Stage Process is undertaken during our Grading process.

  • STAGE 1: Individuals nominate 2 positions (at the time of registration) to be considered during Grading. Selectors ensure players are trialled in their 2 nominated positions at a minimum.
  • STAGE 2: Skill levels are assessed through a combination of drills, match play opportunities and other means required to select teams to play at a particular level of competition and provide development opportunity for all players.
  • STAGE 3: The final phase sees teams formed and match play undertaken to assess appropriate combinations of talent for a particular grade.

Players are expected to attend all grading sessions to ensure their individual and team skills are on display.

Teams are typically formed with Shooters, Centre Court and Defence Circle in mind with interest in a player’s ability to play across like positions. 

Please refer to our Grading Schedule and Grading Policy for more detailed information.

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