Why we Grade?

  • The aim of grading is to ensure girls are put with similarly aged and skilled girls. 
  • Grading is compulsory and takes place over a number of sessions. Players are graded on performance and potential demonstrated in drills and match play and on coaches’ grading notes from last season.
  • Teams are put together by an experienced selection panel of Graders (external selectors, qualified coaches) and your daughter will probably be in a team with other girls she does not know. We know this can be daunting for some, yet we ask you to have faith in the system. Opportunity awaits, for your daughter to branch out and discover new and unexpected friendships. For the many introverted and shy girls this poses a challenge at the start of the season but by week 3 or 4 all girls are bonding as a team and friendships are in the making. Trust us. 
  • All teams are put together with a variety of skills set and individuals may be appointed to key teams based up on their specialist skills. We ask all parents to work with their Coaches to learn more about their daughters’ specialisation or skill set.
  • For more information on grading please read our Grading Policy.

When Does Grading Occur?

  • Grading is conducted in the pre-season each year – typically February – the exact dates may vary from year to year dependent of key registrations we are required to meet from the NSNA.
  • Exact dates for grading will be found on our Club Calendar after November and formal notification will be made to all existing and new Club members via email, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Grading takes place at Cross St Courts. Please advise Mosmans’ Director of Coaching  if your child is not able to attend
  • As with all our events – in the event of wet weather – an announcement if it is cancelled will be posted in our announcement section on our homepage of this webpage as well as on our Facebook page.

If at any point you are unsure of the process, please contact our Director of Coaching for clarification

Grading Process - 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: If your child has played with a Mosman Netball team before, all Coaches are required to fill out a Player Appraisal form and submit the information to our Director of Coaching. This information will form part of our grading review.
  • Stage 2: Day 1 grading – players submit their 2 preferred positions and put onto the court in those positions for our Graders to assess
  • Stage 3: Day 2 grading – team combinations are trialled and players rotate in their positions and team configurations to assess the best fit combinations.

Next Steps Following Mosman’s Grading Process:

  • Following our Grading Days and Team Announcements, Mosman Netball submits those teams along with a recommended grade to Northern Suburbs Netball Association for inclusion in the Winter Competition.
  • Then NSNA holds compulsory on-court grading checks for all 10yr old teams.
  • These grading checks are Round Robin matches at Willoughby courts and will be used to compare teams from different clubs and make any final adjustments to ensure consistency throughout the clubs.  
  • All other age groups are not required to attend NSNA on-court grading, due to the detailed player knowledge they maintain on all players throughout your playing career.  
  • Recommended grades from Mosman Netball are not the final grade for the team. All grading requests are subject to checks and consideration from NSNA.
For more detailed information on our Grading Process please contact our Directors of Coaching