NetSetGo Coaches

Parent Volunteers

  • Community clubs run on parent volunteers.
  • Mosman Netball Club strongly encourages parents to volunteer to coach. It is a very rewarding experience and your daughters will love you being involved.
  • The Club recognizes that volunteer coaches have different levels of playing and coaching experience and as a Club, we are committed to providing coaches with the resources and ongoing support they need throughout the season.
  • In addition, the Club will reimburse coaches registration cost of relevant external coaching courses run by NSNA.

Can't find a coach?

  • Due to the volunteer nature of Netsetgo, it is up to the team to appoint a coach and we strongly encourage a parent to give it a go.
  • Should you wish to outsource this responsibility, it will be at your own cost and resources to find an appropriate person.

Coaching Courses

  • Northern Suburbs Netball Association (NSNA) runs a number of coaching courses throughout the season.  Some are free to affiliated clubs and others have a charge.  Mosman Netball Club encourages its coaches to attend courses appropriate to the level they are coaching and will reimburse any fees incurred.
  • The Foundations Course is a Netball NSW Course and coaches must complete an online course, Beginning Coaching General Principles as a prerequisite.  Note that the foundations course is probably more appropriate for those coaching older teams eg 12 and above but the online course is beneficial for all coaches.
  • The Club will advise coaches by email closer prior to registration for the courses.
  • More information about the courses is available on the Netball NSW website (Pathways for Coaches) and the NSNA website.

Mosman Netball Club - Coaching Clinics

Mosman Netball  Coaching Clinics for Coaches are scheduled for preparation for the next winter season.

Working with Children Obligations

As we are a community-based club dealing with children we must meet our Government working with children obligations. The Working with Children policy for NSW can be found here.

It is done online and followed by presenting your ID at an RTA office.  Onc e completed, please forward your name, dob and WWC number to so we can keep records.


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