Playing Up Guidelines





No player may play in a Grade or Age Group lower to that in which they are registered.

  • A player may only play up twice (2x) during the Season without having to move teams.  If they play up a third time they will be placed in the lowest graded team that they played up into.
  • A player from a lower grade or age may play in a higher grade or age.

Junior example             12C can play 13E

                                      13F can play 14C

Senior example             D can play for B

  • Junior players graded A or B may only play-up in those grades if playing for a higher age group in the Junior Competition.

Junior example             13B can play in 13A, 14A and B, 15A and B

                                       14A can play 15A and B

  • If playing up in the same division only the lower numbered team in the same division can fill in for the higher numbered team in the same division.

Playing in Seniors

  1. You must be 14 yrs of age and over to play up into a Senior or Cadet teams
  2. Players graded in 14A or 15A can play in A & B Senior grades but not Cadets
  3. Players graded 14B or 15B can play in A, B, C and Cadet 1 Divisions.
  4. Cadets 1 can play A, B and C grade
  5. Cadets 2, 3, 4 and 5 may play in all Senior Grades

Split Rounds

  • When a player plays up for 1 team in a split round this will count as 1 game.
  • If a player plays for 2 different teams in a split round, it will count as 2 games.