All Juniors and Seniors play under the Netball NSW Rules.

Rule books can be purchased from the Netball NSW Store or from the Umpires Room at Northern Suburbs during the Season.  Access more info on rules from Netball Australia.

Read the Playing up Rules

NetsetGo Rules

Netsetgo play under modified rules. Read the Netsetgo rules.

Northern Suburbs Netball Association Rules

Mosman Netball follows the rules as per Northern Suburbs Netball Association. The Modified Rules for 2013 were as follows:

Scoresheet Ticking off names.

  • Each player must have a tick beside their name for the match they are playing (preferably in the box that says tick)  This becomes particularly critical if your team makes the finals as players who have not been recorded as playing 3 games for the club will not be eligible for finals. Ticks are also required as part of the insurance process should the need arise to demonstrate the player sustained the injury during match play as verified by the tick on the score sheet.
  • Number of Borrowed players per match on court (3).
  • The maximum borrowed players you can have on a court at any one time is 3 i.e. 4 players on court at all times must be from the original team. In the case of injury to one of the original 4 the game becomes a forfeit and the player is no longer able to continue, the game becomes a forfeit.

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