Senior Teams

Teams will be announced at the Season Kick-off & AGM - usually in March at Mosman RSL.  All players are encouraged to attend. Finger food and drinks provided. 

All senior teams must nominate a captain/ manager and a reserve umpire.

The Captain/Manager will be the point of contact between the club and the team.

The Captain/manager is responsible for:

  • the kit bag
  • advising the Senior VP of forfeits,
  • advising the Seniors’ VP when players need to be/have been borrowed
  • ensuring all team members sign the NSNA Mastersheet at the beginning of the season
  • ensuring all players sign the scoresheet each week and
  • signing the scoresheet as captain. 

Reserve umpires must make themselves available to umpire when required and  must have a current pass in the AANA Umpires Exam. This exam can now be completed online and has a 6 year currency.  

Any senior players interested in umpiring with MN can find more information in the Umpires section.

Senior team listings are posted in the Members Area after the AGM. You must be logged in to view this section.


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