Senior Teams

Teams are announced prior to our Season Kick-off in March each year. 

All senior teams must nominate a captain/ manager and a reserve umpire.

The Captain/Manager will be the point of contact between the club and the team.

The Captain/ Manager is responsible for:

  • the kit bag (including ball and bibs)
  • advising the Senior VP of forfeits,
  • advising the Seniors’ VP when players need to be/have been borrowed
  • ensuring all team members sign the NSNA Mastersheet at the beginning of the season
  • ensuring all players sign the scoresheet each week and
  • signing the scoresheet as captain. 

Senior Division Umpires 

  • Senior umpires must be 16+ years of age and hold a current pass in the AANA Umpires' Exam.
  • Senior Umpires receive a payment at the end of the season in recognition of the effort they have put in over the season. All umpires must sign a tax form, 'Statement by Supplier' each season. This form allows the club to pay umpires without deducting tax and without requiring umpires to quote an ABN.
  • All umpires must make themselves available to umpire when required and must have a current pass in the AANA Umpires Exam.
  • This exam can now be completed online and has a 6 year currency.  
  • Any senior players interested in umpiring with MNC are advised to contact the Vice President – Seniors via