• Court time is allocated before the start of each winter season.
  • Each NETSETGO Mosman Netball team trains weekly. 
  • We encourage all our teams to train at our Cross Street netball courts, to gain maximum access to our Director of Coaching and support to both our players and volunteer Coaches.
  • Ultimately the day, time and place of weekly team training depends on the availability of the coach.
  • Subject to approval from the schools, other training options are Middle Harbour Public School, Mosman Primary School and Mosman High School.

Use of Cross Street Facility

  • For security reasons the grass area directly in front of the Drill Hall is only available for use by After School Care and no one is allowed to enter into this designated area.  
  • Supervision of children is also required inside the MBIC and outside areas. Climbing on the metal beams and structures are NOT permitted. Similarly, climbing on the shed structure adjacent to court 3 is not permitted.
  • Drill Hall Common is an area where dogs are not permitted at all, not even on a leash.
  • The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Rangers police dogs as well as unauthorised parking and will issue fines when breaches are incurred.

Council prohibits dogs from entering all its sporting areas/indoor venues and this requirement is clearly indicated on the sign at the entrance to the Drill Hall Common car park, other entrances to the Common and on the Mosman Council website:


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