Mosman Netball Club provides umpires for all junior and senior matches. 

Our Junior Division has an appointed Umpiring Convenor who manages all umpires for our Club. Their role is to roster umpires to all games we are playing, whilst helping our Umpires to progress their Umpiring pathways through mentorship and levelling.

All enquiries regarding umpiring should be directed our Umpiring Convenor

Junior Umpires

  • Mosman Netball Club is committed to training new umpires and provides a pathway for progress in umpiring.  We require all under 12 players to attend the Junior Red Robin Umpires Clinic run by NSNA at Willoughby courts.  The clinic is beneficial even for those who do not go on to umpire.
  • Junior players can start umpiring in the year that they turn 12.
  • Umpires rosters are emailed on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week of the Winter Competition and umpires are expected to confirm their availability for the rostered match by Thursday of each week.
  • Junior umpires receive a payment at the end of the season in recognition of the effort they have put in for their club.  The payment is based on the qualifications the umpire has achieved during the season.


  • All junior umpires at Mosman Netball Club are mentored. 
  • First-year umpires have an umpire on the sideline for the entire match and no umpire is left on their own unless they feel confident and their mentor is similarly confident, that they are capable of controlling the match. 
  • Mentors generally are senior players or older junior players with umpiring qualifications.

Instructions for Umpires

  • Dress: Umpires Junior Level 2 and above should wear a white skirt and top.  All umpires must be in sport shoes.
  • Sign on 15 minutes before your match at the umpires’ desk. Sign in the column for your team i.e. if the sign on sheet shows Mosman v XYZ, you sign on as the umpire in Column 1. If the sheet shows XYZ v Mosman, sign on in column 2. There is always an NSNA official near the desk if you need help.
  • Sign the score sheet at the end of the match and check that the Mosman team has completed it correctly.

Pathways & Qualification for Umpires

  • Junior Red Robin Umpires Clinic -All junior players aspiring to umpire must attend the Junior Red Robin Umpiring Clinics run in early March each year by NSNA.
  • NSNA Umpires' Exam - Umpires who are turning 12 the year that they start umpiring have the option of completing the NSNA Umpires Exam (1 year currency) or AANA exam (see below). The NSNA Umpires' exam is not a valid qualification for those over 12 years of age. Mosman Netball Club advises umpires to sit the NSNA exam before attempting the AANA exam and will give candidates all possible assistance
  • AANA Section 1 Theory Exam- is required to umpire all senior matches and to progress to Junior Level 1 and higher.  The exam is an ONLINE exam and has a 6 year currency. You will need to register and log-in to Netball Australia before starting the exam. (Note: Association is Northern Suburbs)
  • Umpire Levels - Umpires progress through levels from Junior Level 3, Junior Level 2, Junior Level 1, Senior Level 3, Senior Level 2, Senior Level 1 followed by National Badges (see below). The levelling process is started on the recommendation of mentors and Umpires' Convenor.  To achieve umpiring levels, umpires must demonstrate a set of skills on a match of a designated level.  Umpires are assisted in achieving these skills by their mentors and by the NSNA Umpires' Committee.  It is not necessary to achieve one level before proceeding to the next eg an umpire can gain a Junior 2 qualification without having a Junior 3.
  • NSNA Mini Merit Programme - a coaching programme for junior umpires to assist clubs in training umpires.
  • NSNA Merit Programme - an umpire coaching programme for umpires 15 and over who want to umpire senior matches.  The Mosman Umpires' Convenors will select and nominate umpires from our club to participate in this programme.
  • Level 1 Umpires Accreditation Course - a theory course required before eligible for a National Badge.
  • National Badges - National C, B and A badges are AANA qualification.  Mosman currently has 8 C badge umpires, 3 B badges and several umpires working towards C and B badges.

For more information and pathways, visit the Netball NSW Umpiring page.