Volunteer Umpires

NETSETGO runs differently to our graded competitions of Juniors and Seniors, as all our umpires are volunteer parents. This is uniquely designed to reflect the ‘non-competitive’ nature of the event, which has no league table or final series.

  • All umpires are volunteer parents
  • We recommend 2-3 umpires per team – this will effectively mean you umpire maximum 3 games each throughout the season
  • NetSetGo matches are controlled by one umpire
  • Teams are rostered by NSNA to provide an umpire approximately every second week

Responsibilities on Match Day

  • Dress: Netsetgo umpires will be given a high-vis vest to put on at the beginning of the game. This can be found in the centre circle of each court and is provided by the NSNA. All umpires must be in sports shoes.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your game to familiarize yourself with the teams, carry out the coin-toss (to determine first centre and goal ends) and to commence the game on time.
  • Sign the score sheet at the end of the match and check that the Mosman team has completed it correctly.

How do you know when you have to umpire?

  • Look at the Netsetgo draw on the NSNA website. If your team is listed first, you are required to umpire that round. 
  • Teams are rostered by NSNA to provide an umpire approximately every second week.

Supporting out Umpires

  • Training programs with be offered by Mosman Netball Club prior to the season commencing. In addition, the Northern Suburbs Netball Association does require umpires to attend additional training and certification as follows:
  • Attend the Mature Red Robin Umpires Clinic run by NSNA at Willoughby courts in early March - date to be advised each year. Attendance on this day is compulsory. At the clinic, you will learn the modified rules of netball, receive umpiring notes and gain some practical experience. Attendees at the clinic are divided into those with no netball experience and those with some knowledge.
  • Purchase a rule book at the Clinic. Rule books and umpires exam guides are available online from
  • Achieve a pass in the online AANA Umpires’ Exam.  Please forward your certificate of achievement to Please contact our Club Administrator for more information
  • If you have completed your examination in previous years, you do not have to re-sit the exam each year.