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Mosman Netball Club

Uniform Orders

Mosman Netball Club uniforms may be purchased through our online uniform shop. All items are clearly listed, and our provider offers an end-to-end service for our members. Please refer to the size chart on the website before ordering:

What is the Mosman Netball Club Uniform?
The following uniform is compulsory for all players in Mosman Netball Club’s Senior, Junior and NetSetGo divisions.
• Netball Dress – Consists of an A-line dress
• Undershorts – We encourage all players to wear navy or black undershorts. These can be purchased inexpensively from large shopping chains including, Target, BigW, Kmart, Best & Less etc.
• Hoodies – In the event of cold weather, we encourage girls wear a hoodie, to the games and until they are warmed up. They must take off before they take to the court.
• Long Sleeved T-shirt – NetSetGo Division Only – for those players that feel the cold, a long-sleeved navy t-shirt has been approved for NSG only. Please note, no markings or logos allowed.
• Leggings are not allowed to be worn on game day.

Old Uniforms

All old Mosman Netball uniforms can be donated to the Club and will be sent to remote aboriginal communities via Oneland Charity. See the Oneland website here.

Collection point: please deposit all items in the labelled bucket in our Club Storeroom (inside Marie Bashir Indoor court).

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